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Grab The Cat And Go – Keys Life

March 2, 2021

wrights impact window and door team

The devastation of Hurricane Irma

Flooded streets. Hollowed buildings. Deer roaming the debris fields. Residents of the Keys are familiar with such images imprinted on their minds and hearts after a hurricane.

Cassandra Shine will never forget the devastation she saw after Hurricane Irma. She had often visited the Keys as a child and made it her home over two decades ago. She knew storms came with the territory but couldn’t help getting goosebumps when news alerts hit the airways.

When Irma stormed its way to shore, she and her husband frantically prepped and boarded up their home. They knew traffic was building, and the hurricane grew closer, but they didn’t want to leave their home unprotected.

“My nerves were shot,” she explains. “I kept wishing we could just grab the cat and go!”

hurricane elrma

The Wright Way

Cassandra is now a manager for Wright’s Impact Window & Door in Tavernier. She prides herself on helping others avoid the situation she and her husband (and cat!) were in. She realizes that Wrights doesn’t just sell strong windows and doors; they provide peace of mind. It’s as if she can see the weight lifted off her customers’ shoulders when an installation is complete.

“An elderly customer recently called to thank us for her new impact windows,” Cassandra shares. “She said she felt so much safer and, as a bonus, her house is so much quieter than before. It makes me feel good when others enjoy the many benefits our products offer.”

Cassandra is just one amazing team member that started with longtime keys residents Joe and Kellie Pardo. Seth Lieberman recently moved to the Keys and has settled in nicely, both with his job and community. He is the Project Manager, ensuring every customer’s project goes smoothly. Austin Klein, a local for about 10 years now, is the newest addition to the team as a product specialist. Learn more about the Wright Way.

Who is Mr. Legs?

The Berchiolly brothers, Rick and Matt, make up the rest of the team. Matt recently gained some local fame while competing in the Mr. Legs charity event. The annual event raises scholarship money for Coral Shores High School seniors. Matt had the Wright’s company’s full support— even the West Palm Beach office came to the finale to cheer on the contestants.

Becoming Part of The Community

Howard van Natta profile image“Our office in the Keys may be fairly new,” Howard Van Natta, President of Wright’s Impact Window & Door, says, “but we already feel entwined with the community. The locals have opened their arms to us, and we want to reciprocate their support by being the best neighbors we can be.”

Cassandra, as a long-time local herself, has helped spread those neighborly vibes. Before becoming the manager at Wright’s, she worked at the Islamorada Village of Island’s Building Department. She was under the tutelage of Don Horton, who grew up in the days when kids could play football on the highway with only a rare car to interrupt their game.
“I learned so much from Don Horton,” Cassandra says with a smile, “not only about the history and evolution of the Keys but also about permits and building requirements. I use that knowledge now to guide our customers through the process of replacing old or installing new doors and windows.”

Lower Insurance, Higher Protection

Wright’s Impact Window & Door also sells interior shutters, shades, and blinds installed over existing windows and doors. All of their products go a long way in hurricane-proofing homes and businesses— which insurance companies love!

“Aside from hurricane protection, a primary reason customers come to us is to lower their insurance premiums,” Cassandra explains. “People can save up to 30 and 40% on their insurance with certain insurers. So, the products pay dividends in peace of mind and real returns on investment!

Wright’s Impact Window & Door protected over 200 homes in the Keys over the past year. Demand for Hurricane Windows and doors has never been higher, and with hurricane season just around the corner, Cassandra and her team urge locals to reach out to them soon. That way, when the next big storm hits, everyone can grab the cat and go!

Wrights Impact Window & Door has an office in Tavernier, Key Largo, Florida. Serving all of the Florida Keys all the way to Key West.

Written by Jerrica Mah – Published in Keys Life Magazine March 1st, 2021

Jason Southard
Jason Southard
VP Sales & Marketing at Wrights Impact Window & Door LLC | Website

Jason joined Wrights in 2018, and leverages decades of experience as a business leader in both B2C and B2B markets, with a wealth of experience in marketing, management, and technology. Before joining Wrights, Jason had significant Client, Consulting, and Agency experience from blue chips to start-ups – working across national and global roles. Originally from the UK, Jason has executive education from the London School of Economics and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

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