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Holiday Opening Hours

December 21, 2022

We value our commitment to our Wrights associates as deeply as we value our customers. So, to allow our associates time to enjoy this holiday season, we’ve set the following opening hours:

We wish everyone a very safe and happy celebration, and we look forward to speaking with you after the holiday.  

12/23/2022 – Friday – Open 9am -12pm
12/24/2022 – Saturday – CLOSED ALL DAY
12/25/2022 – Sunday – CLOSED ALL DAY
12/26/2022 – Monday – CLOSED ALL DAY
12/27/2022 – Tuesday – OPEN 9am – 5pm
12/28/2022 – Wednesday – OPEN 9am – 5pm
12/29/2022Thursday – OPEN 9am – 5pm
12/30/2022 – Friday – Open 9am -12pm
12/31/2022 – Saturday – CLOSED ALL DAY
1/1/2023 – Sunday – CLOSED ALL DAY
1/2/2023 – Monday – CLOSED ALL DAY

1/3/2023 – Tuesday – OPEN 9am

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