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How to prepare for Hurricane Dorian

August 29, 2019

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As hurricane Dorian moves closer to the Eastern seaboard, it’s a sad reminder for Floridians, many of which have suffered through hurricanes in the past. When a hurricane approaches, what can you do to prepare for the worst event? Here are a few practical tips for you. Installing hurricane impact windows is the start and will protect your home, loved ones, and belongings. It is obviously too late for that if you do not already have them installed, but what else should you be doing? Here at Wrights Impact Window and Door, we have all personally gone through hurricanes, so we asked around the office and prepared this article so that we can all be better prepared.

Buy supplies

If you wait until the storm is on your doorstep, buying supplies may be difficult or even impossible. Having a hurricane kit ready is a must if you live in a high-risk area. Essential items for a hurricane kit include water, canned food, battery-powered lighting (spare batteries), battery-powered radio (extra batteries), personal hygiene kit, first aid kit, and all prescription medication. A generator and fuel is sometimes a great idea, but make sure all safety precautions are adhered to. There are many accidents involving generators.

Cash and fuel

Stocking up on cash and gasoline are so often overlooked by people that are new to Florida, but if you’ve been through a hurricane before you know that fuel runs out, and the power goes down. So if a mandatory evacuation is ordered, make sure that you have a full tank of gas in your vehicle.  An early visit to an ATM is also a must, cash runs out as a storm approaches, and once it hits power may be down for weeks. So withdraw enough money to see you through and keep it in a safe place.

Secure all important documents

Make sure all essential personal, home and vehicle documents are secured. Include all insurance and proof of ownership documents, make digital copies wherever necessary.

Check your insurance

Check your home insurance, car, boat, and mobile home insurance, and make sure that you are covered.

Backup electronic devices

These days we all work and have a lot of valuable information on our computers, tablets, and phones. Make sure you back up all critical information; it may save you a lot of time and stress afterward.

Have an evacuation plan

In the worst-case scenario, the state may order an evacuation from your home. You must be ready for this and have a plan in place. The main reason for a mandatory evacuation is storm surge, especially if you live in a flood zone. Local government will provide you with information about evacuation areas and the evacuation plans, and we recommended that people review this information in advance. Have a plan and a place to stay, plan a route, and if you are told to leave by the authorities, then it will be for a good reason. If you have pets, take extra special care and make sure they are taken into account. None of this helpful information is meant to replace formal advice from official government bodies, so always pay close attention to news bulletins and official websites.

Install impact windows and doors

I know this is an obvious one, and hopefully, Hurricane Dorian will miss your home. Impact windows and doors are vital to protect your property. If you are in a wind-borne debris region, Florida building code mandates that all new or replacement windows must be impact rated. Even if you live outside of the high-risk areas, Florida residents know that there is no truly safe place when a storm comes through. It is too late this time, but as soon as Dorian passes, get a free estimate!




Jason Southard
Jason Southard
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