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Hurricane Windows: How Do They Keep You Safe?

February 17, 2022

Storm protection windows

The high winds and heavy rain of a hurricane can leave behind a long trail of damage. However, hurricane impact windows can minimize that damage. Many Floridians are well aware of the benefits of impact windows, but they don’t understand how they work. Find out how hurricane windows work when they keep your home safe during the harshest hurricanes.

How Does it Work?

Hurricane windows don’t use any fancy technology to protect your home. Instead, they rely on old-fashioned physics.

When a storm arrives, the atmospheric pressure outside rises. However, closed windows prevent the pressure from rising inside your home. Whether or not your home has hurricane windows, the pressure is higher outside. The stronger the storm, the higher the pressure and the more there will be a difference between your home and the outdoors.

Contrary to what many people believe, the high atmospheric pressure is one of the most dangerous aspects of a hurricane. All it takes is a broken window for you to find out the extent of the damage from the pressure difference. When a stick or any other type of debris hits your window, it could break the window. In standard windows, this causes it to shatter. The high pressured air from the outdoors follows the laws of physics and enters your home. Then, the massive rush of air can cause extreme damage to your home.

Shatter Prevention

While standard windows shatter easily during hurricanes, hurricane windows are stronger. It’s not about the window glass as much as it is about the fabrication of the materials. Impact windows use laminated glass. However, this is where the design comes into play. The laminated glass of impact windows contains two separate pieces of glass. In between that glass, you can find a special resin. There is a sturdy aluminum frame to protect the unit. Although you can’t see the strength of an impact window at a glance, there is more to it than meets the eye.
The laminated glass makes the window relatively unbreakable. Even if it does break, it won’t shatter easily. During a hurricane, the window can handle an onslaught of debris.

A Strong Frame

While the glass deserves some recognition, the frame also contributes to the strength of hurricane windows. A weak structure could give in during a storm. Then, the problem would be similar to a shattered window. The air from the outside would enter your home and cause severe damage. Hurricane windows save you from this. Because of the strength of hurricane window frames, they are unlikely to break.

However, they can bend. And that’s why great windows have weather stripping. When you have weather stripping around the windows, water can’t get into your home as the frame bends. It serves as a layer of protection against the elements. Without it, you would get water leaking into your home throughout the storm. It also acts as a safeguard against the harsh Florida conditions. Over time, your window frame could shrink or crack. As a result, water could enter your home. Weather stripping seals the cracks and prevents water damage in storms of all sizes and strengths. As an added benefit, weather stripping makes it easier to open and close your windows.

From What Type of Damage Does Having Hurricane Windows Protect You?

In a hurricane, you have a lot of concerns. One of the characteristics of tropical storms & hurricanes is hurricane-force winds. Often, the winds blow at incredible rates. However, the problem isn’t with the winds as much as the debris. The high wind speeds loosen branches, patio furniture, and other objects. As the wind picks up, it sends the debris flying. Sometimes, a piece of debris flies directly into your window.

If you don’t have hurricane windows, then the debris can cause your window to shatter. In addition to breaking your window, it can lead to several other problems. For example, it allows water to enter your home. Most hurricanes bring heavy rain. When you have a broken window, water can make its way into your home leading to water damage, which isn’t easy to repair. The rainwater could damage the walls and floor of your home. Additionally, it could cause mold to grow and thrive. After a storm, mold removal could cause you thousands of dollars.

If you want to prevent the long list of damage that accompanies a hurricane, then you need hurricane windows. Installing hurricane impact windows can keep your home safe and secure in a severe storm. In addition to keeping your home safe, it also gives you peace of mind. If you’re ready to get impact windows in your home, then contact us at Wright’s Impact Window and Door. We can help you protect your home the Wright way.

What Other Benefits Are There When You Install impact Windows?

Hurricane impact windows do more than just protect you from storms. The can prevent intruders, and save you money on your energy bills. You can read more here about the reasons why you should install impact windows and doors.



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