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My Safe Florida Home Program

May 1, 2023

The My Safe Florida Home program is a comprehensive initiative launched by the State of Florida to help homeowners prepare for and mitigate potential damages caused by natural disasters, particularly hurricanes. The program offers various services to help Floridians safeguard their homes, families, and finances.


Get a Free Home Inspection

One of the critical components of the program is free home inspections by licensed and certified contractors. These inspections evaluate the home’s structural integrity, potential weaknesses, and recommended mitigation measures. The contractor provides a detailed report to the homeowner, highlighting areas of concern and providing guidance on necessary repairs or improvements.

Upgrade to Impact Windows and Doors

The program also offers financial assistance to eligible homeowners in the form of grants or rebates. This assistance can be used to make recommended improvements, such as reinforcing roofs or upgrading to Impact Doors and Impact Windows. By making these improvements, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of damage to their homes and lower their insurance premiums.

In addition to these services, the My Safe Florida Home program provides educational resources to help homeowners better understand the risks of natural disasters and how to prepare for them. These resources include information on creating emergency plans, assembling disaster supply kits, and securing important documents.

Wrights Is An Approved Vendor

Wrights Impact Window & Door is an approved vendor for the program but is not responsible for administering the My Safe Florida Home program. Homeowners interested in participating in the program and applying for financial assistance should do so on their own accord, as it is the individual homeowner’s responsibility to apply for funding. The My Safe Florida Home program aims to help protect homeowners from natural disasters. By providing financial assistance and educational resources, the program aims to reduce the amount of damage caused by storms and other natural phenomena.

For those interested in applying for funding and more information, please visit My Safe Florida Home – Florida Department of Financial Services (

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