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What are the benefits of installing Hurricane Windows and Doors?

January 21, 2023

Impact windows and doors are an investment that can benefit any homeowner in hurricane-prone areas. Impact-resistant windows and doors are designed to withstand the force of a powerful storm or even an attempted forced entry into your home. In this post, we explore the various benefits of installing impact-resistant windows and doors so you can make an informed decision.

Insurance Savings

Homeowners know how important it is to protect their property and those that reside there. Ensuring hurricane protection products are installed helps establish a greater sense of home safety and can save homeowners money on their renewal policy payments. Investing in these types of products has never been easier or more cost-efficient! Thankfully, several insurance providers recognize the value of this added security measure. They offer reduced premiums or credits for customers who implement this feature into their property.

Storm Protection

The most obvious benefit of installing impact windows and doors is storm protection. Unlike regular windows and doors, impact-resistant products are designed to withstand the force of a powerful storm. If your home is in a hurricane-prone area, you won’t have to worry about wind or debris breaking through your windows or blowing off your roof during severe weather. By installing impact-resistant products, you can avoid costly property damage that would otherwise occur during a strong storm. Additionally, many insurance companies offer discounts for homeowners who install impact-resistant products as they are seen as an additional layer of protection against severe weather events.

Improved Security

Impact windows and doors also provide added security benefits. The thicker glass used in these products makes it harder for potential intruders to break through them compared to regular windows or doors. Many window and door manufacturers employ innovative security technologies such as multi-point locking systems which further reinforce their strength against forced entry. With modern designs available in different colors and finishes, you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home without compromising on security measures. From stylish French patio doors to contemporary sliding glass walls, there are plenty of options available that can suit any home style while providing additional protection from potential intruders.

Noise Reduction & Energy Efficiency

Another great benefit of installing impact-resistant windows and doors is improved noise reduction capabilities compared to regular glass panes or single-pane windows. Non-Impact windows and doors do not offer much insulation from outside noise levels like traffic sounds or loud neighbors. The thicker glass used in these products helps keep unwanted noise outside while allowing natural light into the room, thanks to advanced glazing technology. Additionally, many impact-resistant products feature energy-efficient features such as low emissivity coatings, which help reduce heat loss from inside the house leading to significant cost savings on utility bills over time due to improved insulation properties offered by these products compared to traditional single pane units typically found in older homes.


Installing impact windows and doors offers numerous benefits for homeowners, including increased storm protection, improved security measures against potential forced entries, enhanced noise reduction capabilities for peaceful living conditions all year round, as well as improved energy efficiency resulting in lower utility bills due to better insulation properties provided by these products compared to traditional single pane units found in older homes. Moreover, with modern designs available that fit any home style combined with potential discounts from insurance companies due to increased safety measures provided by these products, investing in quality impact-resistant solutions today could result in long-term cost savings while increasing the value of your home when it comes time for resale!

Jason Southard
VP Sales & Marketing at Wrights Impact Window & Door LLC | Website | + posts

Jason joined Wrights in 2018, and leverages decades of experience as a business leader in both B2C and B2B markets, with a wealth of experience in marketing, management, and technology. Before joining Wrights, Jason had significant Client, Consulting, and Agency experience from blue chips to start-ups – working across national and global roles. Originally from the UK, Jason has executive education from the London School of Economics and Oxford University’s Saïd Business School.

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