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boca raton hurricane windows

Impact windows & doors Boca Raton

How do you feel when the forecast predicts a hurricane? Are you confident that your family will be safe inside your home? Our mission at Wrights is to ensure that our impact windows & doors will provide you with the highest standard of protection. Wrights windows & doors can resist winds of up to 200 mph. Impact windows can reduce home insurance bills, a/c bills, and most importantly, provide the peace of mind which comes from knowing your home benefits from the most up to date technology from the window experts in Boca Raton.

Window Replacement Boca Raton

As experienced hurricane window installers we are fully aware of our customer’s needs, and in a high-risk area such as palm beach impact windows are a wise investment that will save you money and provide numerous other benefits. These benefits include Energy-saving, improved security, noise reduction, insurance reductions & NO MORE SHUTTERS.

Impact Windows
Impact Windows

Impact windows, coupled with impact doors, are the best choice a homeowner can make to achieve these valuable advantages over standard installations.

Now is the time to install hurricane protection

Boca Raton is a popular place to live in South Florida. Population, jobs, and wages have all grown steadily over the past decade. Your property will have increased in value as well; the average increase for Boca Raton residential property was over 5% last year. It makes pretty good sense, then, to safeguard your home. Over the past few decades, there have been 79 cyclone events in Florida, causing an estimated $123 billion worth of property damage. As a leading hurricane window installer specializing in impact windows and doors, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with security, safety, and peace of mind.

Hurricane protection

Let’s look at other significant benefits installing our impact doors and impact windows can get you and your family. “Adding shutters or impact glass is a huge discount,” says Dean Fulton, a Fort Lauderdale-based insurance agent. Dean goes on to emphasize that every opening in the building must be protected. Missing out just one small aperture, such as a skylight, for example, will lose you that sizeable discount. The window experts Boca Raton will assess your property and ensure that all openings are dealt with correctly. Hurricane doors Boca Raton employees are experts in providing your property is as safe as it can be and that all bases are covered.

Palm Beach Impact Windows

Much of the damage incurred by homeowners during a cyclone event results from airborne debris. Hurricane windows Boca Raton are manufactured to the highest standards and designed to withstand the fiercest storm. Impact glass is constructed from laminated glass. Alternate layers of glass and plastic, bonded together, to produce a product that can shatter but will not break. This advanced technology prevents flying debris, water, or wind from entering the protected building. If a window is broken, the plastic interlayers keep the glass fragments together, and the opening remains intact, preventing further damage being incurred. However, the real advantage of hurricane doors Boca Raton becomes apparent when we look at the leading cause of structural damage to properties during a hurricane. If just one opening is compromised, the scale of the damage that can result is enormous. Studies show that the sudden change in air pressure within a building that results from a door or window blowing in can be powerful enough to dislodge a roof or demolish walls. Window replacement Boca Raton will address this problem by installing impact doors and impact windows, which are designed to respond to cyclonic episodes in a damage limiting manner.

There are several other benefits to installing palm beach impact windows and impact doors Boca Raton. Due to the poly laminate structure of our products, the risk of flying glass is eliminated – a particularly important point to bear in mind when there are children in the house. One of the significant advantages of living here in Florida is the constant sunshine, but nonstop air conditioning leads to higher bills. Window replacement Boca Raton will insulate your home much more effectively than standard glazing and help reduce your power outlay. The damaging effects of U.V. light are well documented, so it is reassuring to know that our impact windows block 99% of transmitted U.V. light.

Boca Raton, a thriving city in Palm Beach County

Boca Raton is a flourishing city in south Palm Beach County with a vast amount of attractions, facilities, and business concerns. The town was incorporated back in 1925, and congratulations if you live here – you’re residing in one of the most affluent communities in South Florida! With a year-round tropical climate and average temperatures in the 80’s, the city offers terrific outdoor lifestyle opportunities. Office Depot, Cancer Treatment Centres of America, and the Bluegreen Corporation have all chosen to locate their national headquarters here. Mizner Park is a stylish and vibrant boutique mall and includes a wide range of chic retail outlets and restaurants. Mizner is also home to the Boca Raton Museum of Art, which houses work by masters such as Degas, Matisse, and Picasso and frequently exhibits cutting edge new art from around the globe. There’s a local aircraft facility, and Boca Raton is within 50 miles of three international airports. Boca boasts the largest mall in Palm Beach county – Town Centre Mall – high-quality health and educational facilities and, of course, beaches, festivals, and year-round cultural events. Florida Atlantic University is the south east’s premier higher educational establishment, which has evolved since its inception in 1964 to become much sought after college by domestic and overseas students alike. We here at window replacement Boca Raton are proud to be involved with the local community and are sponsoring two F.A.U. Football games this season. Go Owls! F.A.U. is just one example of how, over the past ten years, Boca Raton has expanded rapidly. The demand from those wanting to study at F.A.U. has increased along with the stature of the institution. Admission is selective, with 59% of applicants finding success. Reassuringly, the crime rate has dropped by over 25% during the previous 13 years, all of which makes your chosen location a highly desirable place to live and enjoy life!

Hurricanes & Storms in Boca Raton

Your property is an essential part of your family’s life here, and as such, it is imperative to ensure that you do the best you can to protect it from the extremes of weather which occur in Florida. The last significant Boca Raton hurricane event was in 2005 when Wilma hit the city with winds around 105 mph. The estimated cost in damage to property was $20 billion, mainly roof damage. Since then, we’ve experienced a tropical storm, Philippe, in 2017, with winds of 50mph. However, if we look a little closer at the facts, it becomes clear that there is no way to predict the frequency of these challenging events accurately. 2004 – The year before Wilma – was a challenging year for Florida and Boca Raton in particular. September 4th – Frances passes by just north of Boca with winds of 105 mph again. September 26th and Jeanne hit, back just north of Boca, with winds of up to 120 mph. Many properties damaged by Frances were not repaired in time to face Jeanne. The result was misery and prohibitive expense for many people. Our company is proud to be the premier window experts in Boca Raton. As Boca Raton’s premier hurricane window installer, we feel that impact doors and impact windows are not a luxury but a necessity. Florida building regulations now stipulate that impact windows and doors must be installed in new builds. If your property is not renovated to this standard, Wrights Impact Window & Door are here to safeguard your property and your family.

Peace of Mind

We hope that our commitment to your comfort and safety as a valued resident of Boca Raton is clear. The Boca Raton hurricane area is a beautiful place to build a life for you and your family, but the threat from cyclonic episodes is real. It can result in long term financial and lifestyle challenges. We are the region’s foremost hurricane window installer. So take your first step to peace of mind and get in touch with the window experts Boca Raton.

Impact Windows & Doors Manufactured In Florida & Installed The Wright Way

With our vast selection and decades of experience, we can help you decide what solution would work best in your home. Our manufacturers are sought after in South Florida and locally sourced. Because the nations finest manufacturers are found in Florida, it makes it an easy choice, and we work with the finest. Contact us today for a free no-obligation quote and see what we can do for you.

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