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Coral Springs Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors

Coral Springs is one of the most beautiful places to settle down in South Florida. The temperate weather and breathtaking views make it an excellent option for new families just starting out or retired people looking for a place to enjoy their golden days. However, one thing every Florida resident must prepare for is hurricane season. It’s up to you to take steps to protect your home against strong winds and flooding.

At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we know how important it is to secure your home in the face of unpredictable storms. That’s why we’ve spent decades providing homeowners peace of mind by installing hurricane doors and windows.

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    How Do Impact Windows and Doors Work?

    What makes our glass special is that it’s heat-strengthened, then treated with a plastic-like layer of PVB or EVA. This durable treatment keeps windows from blowing out under intense pressure.

    The blowing-out phenomenon is what causes wind to rip roofs off of houses and collapse interior walls during storms. Even if our windows happen to break, they’ll stay within the pane, preventing wind, debris and rain from causing further damage inside.

    Protection and Peace of Mind

    Wright’s Impact Window & Door products can withstand wind speeds of 200 miles per hour. On top of keeping you safe during hurricane season, our products will continue to work year-round during thunderstorms and extreme wind, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in property damage.

    Upgrading your doors and windows will keep your home safe from other kinds of danger, too. Our impact doors and windows offer extra security against potential intruders. Whether you’re taking a long vacation or just a trip to the store, you can feel safe knowing your home is protected.

    Extra Insulation

    New doors and windows can also help you save money on your monthly energy bills. Heat and air conditioning can escape through gaps and cracks in windows and doors, especially if they’re old or uninsulated. Our impact glass will help to keep your home at a more consistent temperature.

    The extra insulation also helps muffle sound, so you can enjoy more privacy and keep the noise of the street outside.

    A Long-Term Investment

    If you’re considering selling your property in the future, you may want to make a few upgrades so you can get the best possible return on your investment. Many buyers will be willing to pay extra for a home that features impact doors and windows already.

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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Make the Wright Choice for Window and Door Replacement

    Protect what matters most by upgrading your windows and doors. At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we partner with the best manufacturers in the country — and they happen to be located right here in South Florida. Let our expert installers help you keep the home of your dreams in the best possible condition.

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