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Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors in Doral, Florida

With dynamic communities and bustling city life, Doral is the perfect place to live, work, and play. However, its year-round warm weather can also lead to hurricanes and tropical storms.

Wright’s Impact Window and Door has your safety in mind. Our impact-resistant windows and doors offer hurricane protection, peace of mind, and excellent cost value, whether you’re in Miami-Dade County or beyond.

How Impact Doors and Windows Protect Doral Homes

Most impact windows and doors have an extra plastic-like layer. The thick glass offers more protection against breakage, and the plastic coating contains any broken glass within the pane. While breakage can still occur, hurricane impact doors and windows prevent additional damage from high winds, which are the primary source of property destruction.

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    Benefits of Having Impact Windows and Doors in Doral

    Impact-resistant windows and doors pay for themselves in the long run, providing more than reliable hurricane protection. You’ll also benefit from:

    • Boosted home security: Enjoy greater peace of mind even if you’re on the go — heat-strengthened glass is more shatter-resistant and can reduce the risk of intruders. Its thicker design also protects you from everyday mishaps.
    • Low maintenance requirements: Impact windows and doors require minimal upkeep, making them both convenient and practical. Clean them with soap and water occasionally, and they’ll be good to go.
    • Insurance discounts: If you invest in impact doors and windows, you may get the coverage you need for less. Many insurance companies offer lower insurance premiums to homeowners who install these products.
    • Better sound insulation: Traffic, construction, and other outdoor noises can affect your quality of life. Impact windows and doors insulate your home from these sounds and create a calmer, happier environment.
    • More energy savings: Cold air mainly escapes through window or door gaps, affecting your comfort and raising energy bills. Hurricane impact doors and windows minimize this energy loss for increased savings each month.

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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Why Doral Residents Pick Our Impact Windows and Doors

    A reputable installer will provide the quality you deserve. At Wright’s Impact Window and Door, we value your trust and satisfaction. Our Doral customers choose us for our:

    • Secure shopping experience: We understand that hurricane protection is an investment. That’s why we back our products with lifetime guarantees and a money-back guarantee for up to a year after your contract starts.
    • Expertise: Our team knows how to install windows and doors the Wright way. We work efficiently and protect your property so that you can experience the benefits of our products as soon as possible.
    • Outstanding service: We provide industry-leading service on every level. Receive the best from start to finish, from top-quality products and in-state manufacturers to stainless steel screws and premium sealants.

    Install Impact Windows and Doors Today

    With a single investment, you’ll protect your Doral home the Wright way — confidently and at the right price. Ready to install? Request a no-obligation estimate or give us a call at 561-588-7353 for more information. During your consultation, we’ll address your questions, help you explore your options, and develop the best hurricane protection solution for your needs.


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