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Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors in Hollywood, FL

Whether you live in Hollywood, Florida, full time or stay here seasonally, keeping your home safe is always a priority. Since Florida experiences more hurricanes than any other area in the United States, investing in hurricane impact doors and windows is a great way to protect your home. At Wright’s Impact Window and Door, we offer a wide selection of impact windows and doors to fit your hurricane safety needs.

Our Selection

Our team has many years of experience installing hurricane impact windows and doors in homes in Hollywood, Florida. Whether you’re looking to replace a door, windows or both, we can help. If you live in Hollywood, Florida, make the switch to hurricane impact windows and doors to experience safety and greater peace of mind today.

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    Hurricane Doors

    The front door is the first thing guests will see before entering your home. It also serves as a barrier between your home and the outside world. In an area like Florida with severe weather, your front door is even more critical. Some benefits of installing a hurricane impact door include:

    • Improved safety against strong winds and flying debris.
    • Increased security against burglars.
    • Greater energy efficiency due to high-quality insulation.
    • Reduction in noise pollution from outside the home.
    • Lower insurance rates.

    Hurricane Impact Windows

    Unlike storm shutters, hurricane impact windows require a one-time installation for lasting protection. They need minimal maintenance beyond washing from time to time. Additional benefits of hurricane impact windows include:

    • Extra security: Hurricane impact windows are incredibly durable, offering high levels of protection against break-ins. They feature heat-strengthened glass.
    • Noise reduction: Our manufacturers make our hurricane impact windows with multiple layers to provide outstanding sound protection and reduce levels of noise pollution.
    • Insurance discounts: Many insurance companies will reduce your premium if you take measures to protect your home against storms, such as installing impact windows.
    • Better energy efficiency: Our hurricane impact windows also help improve energy efficiency by providing additional insulation to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Why Choose Wright’s Impact Window and Door?

    Our team of expert technicians at Wright’s Impact Window and Door is proud to install high-quality windows and doors from leading manufacturers. We aim to ensure our customers receive the level of protection they deserve.

    Since the creation of our company in 1973, our priority has been to provide high levels of customer service to all our clients in Hollywood, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our installation team undergoes rigorous training to ensure we protect your property and cause minimal disruption when installing your hurricane windows and doors.

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    Choosing Wright’s Impact Window and Door for your hurricane door and window installation will help give you peace of mind that your home is safe against hurricanes and tropical storms.

    To learn more about our services or explore our inventory, request a free quote today or call us at 561-588-7353. 


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