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Impact Windows and Doors in Kendall, Florida

At Wright’s Impact Window and Door, we have dependable products from leading manufacturers and an experienced installation team ready to prepare your home for whatever the late summer brings. Get in touch for a free home evaluation and consultation in Kendall, Florida. 

Durable Impact Windows and Doors for Your Home 

Homeowners in coastal towns like Kendall, Florida, know what hurricane season can bring. Standard doors and windows are susceptible to major damage when heavy winds blow debris around town. Before you know it, you have a broken door, shattered window or blown gasket that lets outside air get into your house. Impact doors and windows are the ideal solutions for Kendall’s homes.

Wright’s Impact Window and Door has sliding doors, french doors, sliding windows and bay windows in various styles that can complement any home. These doors and windows feature impact-resistant coatings that will hold strong as debris flies around in hurricane winds. 

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    The Ultimate Doors and Windows for Hurricane Season

    Impact-resistant windows and doors will make your home storm-ready, but they can also provide a host of other benefits for Kendall residents. Here are some of the additional ways you’ll benefit from installing hurricane windows and doors: 

    • Energy efficiency: Did you know 68% of cold air lost in the summer passes through your doors, windows and the cracks between them? Impact doors and windows fill the gaps to reduce strain on your air conditioner and lower your bills. 
    • Insurance breaks: Stronger doors and windows make homes less susceptible to damage. Your insurance company may reward you for choosing a storm-resistant option. 
    • Home value enhancement: Impact windows and doors can be excellent selling points that command higher offers on the real estate market. 
    • UV protection: The impact-resistant coatings on our doors and windows also filter UV rays that could bleach your furnishings and other belongings.   
    • Security: Stronger doors and windows will be harder for intruders to break, meaning you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind every night. 

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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Choose Wright’s Impact Window and Door

    At Wright’s Impact Window and Door, we make it easy to choose our services over the competition. Our customers in Kendall, Florida, experience a variety of benefits, including: 

    • Unique designs and styles: Our doors and windows come from leading manufacturers and in numerous styles. Work with one of our representatives to find the ideal impact doors or windows for your property. 
    • Quality installations: Our installation team members have decades of combined experience. We’re committed to getting the job right the first time, completing projects fast and respecting our customers’ property along the way. 
    • Free quotes: When you choose Wright’s Impact Window and Door, you’ll start with a comprehensive consultation appointment where we’ll see what we can do for you and provide an accurate quote for our services. Feel free to test the waters with zero obligation.  
    • Financing options: We offer affordable payment plans to all of our customers. Our home-equity-based PACE financing program allows homeowners to wait up to a year before making their first payment. 

    Request a Consultation 

    Your home and everything inside will be far safer with a set of dependable impact doors and windows. We encourage you to contact us online to request a free estimate for your home in Kendall, Florida. 


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      To protect your privacy, your personal information will only be used to follow up on your inquiry. We do not sell or share any information with 3rd parties.

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