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Impact Windows and Doors in Marathon, FL

Marathon is a beautiful place in the Florida Keys. The 13 islands draw visitors from worldwide, and many locals work in the tourist industry. With beaches surrounding the area and loads of fun activities to choose from, Marathon offers a great place to live. But if you have a home here, you also have to be ready to navigate severe weather, including hurricanes.

Purchasing sturdy, impact-resistant windows and doors for your home in Marathon can protect your family and your possessions. Wright’s Impact Window & Door provides the highest protection for the people and things you love.

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    Marathon Impact Windows and Doors

    Hurricanes hit the Florida Keys regularly, including storms that have inflicted millions of dollars of damage, such as Hurricanes Wilma and Irma. Impact windows and doors are designed to withstand the power of the strongest storms. Gusting winds can cause debris to fly and water or wind to hit homes at intense speeds. 

    Specially manufactured and installed windows and doors can deflect damage from such events. They limit the impact of a storm and also decrease the chances of a window or door breaking and flying across your home. 

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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors 

    Installing impact-resistant windows and doors in Marathon, FL, has many advantages. In addition to protecting your home, they offer: 

    • Energy preservation: Well-insulated openings reduce the amount you pay for air conditioning. Our doors’ and windows’ tight seals and perfect fit prevent warm air from getting into the home and keep the cool air sealed in. 
    • Better security: Your home receives greater protection from hurricanes and intruders when you add impact doors and windows. The heavy-duty glass can help you feel confident about keeping your family safe. 
    • Noise reduction: Adding impact doors and windows keeps more than just wind, water and debris from entering your home. It also keeps out loud noise, acting as a damper to outside distractions. Whether you have rowdy neighbors or loud winds gusting outdoors, you can protect your ears with the right windows and doors. 

    Our customers also appreciate our windows and doors because these solutions let them remove their hurricane shutters. High-quality impact windows and doors serve the same function as shutters without requiring you to open and close them all the time. 

    Why Use Wright for Impact Door and Window Installation?

    When upgrading your windows and doors, you want the job done well. We can protect your home the Wright way. 

    Our experienced team provides industry-leading service. For decades, we have helped Florida homeowners protect their houses with better windows and doors, using materials from the top manufacturers. We practice installation techniques with an eye toward longevity, using sturdy screws and proven sealant. When you want the job done right, come to us.

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