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Update Your Margate Home With Impact Windows and Doors

Margate is located in one of the most populous counties in Florida — Broward County. This bustling city appeals to residents from all backgrounds and a wide age range, and many love living so close to the beach. Of course, one drawback of owning a home in Florida is the hurricanes that periodically pound the coastal state

You can gain peace of mind and protect your house in Margate by getting impact windows and doors. They give you an added layer of security when severe weather hits. You can feel confident about your home’s ability to withstand even the most intense storm. Wright’s Impact Window & Door has what you need to improve your home. 

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    The Advantages of Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

    If you live in Margate, FL, you have probably endured a few storms. You know how much damage high winds, blowing water and flying debris can inflict on a home. But did you know that windows and doors specially manufactured to stand up to high impacts can make a difference? Our impact doors and windows can resist winds up to 200 mph. 

    Impact glass consists of layers of glass and plastic that create a tight bond. Impact windows and doors prevent anything from getting into your home. A single opening to a home can prove devastating in a hurricane because it allows flying debris and water to enter. Impact windows and doors resist such openings and the strength of even the most powerful winds to ensure your home’s security.

    New windows and doors provide you with greater protection. You can also find other upsides to replacing your current doors and windows, such as: 

    • Lowering home insurance rates: Adding impact glass reduces your chances of needing to file a damage claim, which can decrease your home insurance bill. 
    • Saving energy: The less warm air that seeps into your home, the less money you need to pay for air conditioning. Impact windows and doors create tight seals that keep the cool air inside. 
    • Replacing shutters: You will no longer need hurricane shutters, which can be an eyesore and a pain to keep up, when you have impact doors and windows. 
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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Why Pick Wright’s Impact Window & Door?

    If you want things done right, choose Wright’s. Our experienced team has installed windows and doors across Margate and nearby areas, and we prioritize providing the best customer service in the region. 

    We make the process quick and easy, and we focus on our products’ longevity. We get materials from the best manufacturers and use the best installation methods to ensure long-lasting doors and windows, such as using high-quality sealant and screws. Protect your home the Wright way.

    Get a Free Estimate for New Impact Doors and Windows in Margate

    If reduced home insurance rates, lower energy bills and better security for your family appeal to you, it’s time to get in touch with us. Reach out for a free estimate or call us at 561–588–7353 with any questions. 


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