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Upgrade Your Miami Gardens Home With Impact Windows and Doors

Part of the Miami metropolitan area, Miami Gardens has seen steady growth in recent years with downtown improvements. Residents enjoy the best the Miami area has to offer, with nearby beaches and nightlife. Living in Miami Gardens has a lot of appeal, but unfortunately, there are some drawbacks — and one is hurricane season. 

To protect your home properly amid extreme weather conditions, you need impact-resistant windows and doors. These can make the difference between keeping your house safe and sustaining severe damage from a hurricane. Wright’s Impact Window & Door offers installation services, and we can also inspect your home to ensure you have all openings adequately covered. With decades of experience in the window and door business, we can give you peace of mind. 

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    Why Add Impact Doors and Windows to Your Home?

    Hurricanes and other severe weather can bring gusting winds and blowing rains that impact your home. Storms can also cause debris to fly around, sometimes breaking standard-installation windows or damaging doors. Impact-resistant doors and windows are manufactured especially to resist such damage. They stand up to the force of wind, debris and rain, keeping it out of your home and protecting your family and belongings. 

    The doors and windows installed by Wright’s can withstand winds up to 200 mph. Our windows are made from laminated glass, which is tough to break. These windows include layers of plastic and glass, so if a window does shatter, the plastic ensures the glass won’t spray all over the place and become difficult to clean up.

    Other advantages of investing in impact doors and windows for your Miami Gardens home include: 

    • Insurance reductions: Your insurance bill will decrease when you put in high-impact windows and doors. These solutions lead to a decrease in damage claims because your home will be better protected. 
    • Lower energy bills: The strong seal of the doors and windows keeps cool air inside and hot air out, which means you can have lower air conditioning bills. 
    • Noise reduction: Impact windows and doors serve as a buffer to outside noises, decreasing the decibel level of what you hear inside. 
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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Choose Wright’s Impact Window & Door for Your Project

    We provide the best customer service possible for our clients, from the moment we contact you about your free estimate to when the final window slides into place. We care about protecting our customers and giving them the best products. We only use the top materials from the best manufacturers to ensure you get the right protection. Our team increases the longevity of your windows and doors by using the highest-quality sealant and screws. We also feature bimonthly promotions on our website to save you money.

    Get an Estimate for Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors 

    We want to help Miami Gardens, FL, residents get the protection they need for their homes. Get in touch with us today to request a free estimate for impact doors and windows. You can also call us at 561–588–7353 to learn more. 


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