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The growing community of Miami Lakes is one of the youngest towns in Miami-Dade County. Florida offers residents a fun and enjoyable place to live, with the ocean nearby and plenty to do throughout the Miami area. Of course, Miami Lakes residents know that with those wonderful things also come hurricanes and other severe weather that can batter homes across the region. 

You want the confidence that your house can stand up to whatever Mother Nature delivers. Smart homeowners upgrade to impact-resistant windows and doors, which protect homes more effectively than regular ones. When you add impact windows and doors to your residence, you increase your home’s longevity and decrease the chance of damage from hurricanes. 

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    The Benefits of Impact Windows and Doors in Miami Lakes

    Upgrading your windows and doors to make them impact resistant can save you money and protect your home. More than anything, it gives you peace of mind when a hurricane threatens. Storms can cause damage with gale-force winds that send debris whipping around your property. They can crack or break windows and damage doors. Replacing those windows and doors with ones that can withstand greater pressure offers your home better security. 

    Plastic and glass make up the laminate glass in these windows. It is difficult to break, and when it does get broken, it won’t shatter into tiny bits. Instead, the plastic keeps the pieces together to reduce the area where glass may land, increasing safety. 

    Greater security extends to other areas, too. Sturdier doors make it harder for intruders to break into your home. You can also enjoy other advantages of upgrading your doors and windows

    • Higher home value: Adding better windows and doors will boost your home’s resale value, making this project a fantastic investment. 
    • Lower home insurance costs: Your home insurance may decrease when you install doors and windows that have a smaller possibility of getting damaged — thus posing less chance of generating a claim. 
    • No need for shutters: When you upgrade your windows, you can get rid of any hurricane shutters you may have had. You will love the way your home looks without them.
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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Receive Outstanding Service From Wright’s Impact Window & Door

    When you enlist our services, you protect your home the Wright way. We approach every job eager to provide the best service available, and we take care of all the smallest details. You can stop worrying about a big storm hitting when you get your new windows and doors

    We rely on the best manufacturers in the business, who are also local to Florida. We also use the best supporting materials, such as screws and sealant, to give you long-lasting results. Choose the area’s foremost hurricane window and door installer to get excellent assistance in safeguarding your investment.

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