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Miami Impact Windows and Doors

In south Florida, tropical weather ranges from small storms to large-scale hurricanes. At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we install home protection that stands against even the strongest forces. We serve Miami with hurricane doors and impact windows that can withstand 155 mph wind and prevent costly devastation. 

We install Miami-Dade Rated impact windows that have been tested for resistance against high-level winds. As a Miami resident, you live in a High-Velocity Hurricane Zone, and Florida has a strict code to urge locals to protect their homes. Our services can meet these requirements and keep you safe during a strong storm.

    Protect Your Home From Hurricanes With Impact Windows

    The benefit of installing hurricane doors or windows in your Miami home can be greater than weather protection. Impact windows are a home investment that pays off over years of use. In a place like southern Florida, the value of protecting your home from inclement weather is immeasurable

    Protect Your Home From Hurricanes With Impact Windows

    When you decide to install impact windows on your Miami property, you create extra protection, insurance and value. Here are a few benefits of hurricane windows and doors:

    • Hurricane protection: As the name suggests, impact windows and doors keep your home safe from hurricane-level winds. Miami experiences weather that can threaten single-pane glass, so our layered laminated glass will protect your property.
    • Intruder prevention: Impact windows stand up against 155 mph winds, so an intruder would also have difficulty breaking in. Home intruders are no match for the hurricane-rated glass in these windows and doors, so you can have peace of mind that your property is safe and secure. 
    • Homeowners insurance: Many insurance companies will offer lower rates when you have impact windows and doors in Miami housing. Some insurance providers can help you save up to 50% on your rate.
    • Summer cooling: Hurricane windows provide the same excellent view of your backyard with the benefit of cool air insulation. In the summer, when Florida temperatures may exceed 90 degrees, these windows keep your home cool so you can save money and energy. 
    • Increased property value: As with any home improvement, impact windows and doors increase the value of your building. If you were to sell your property, you could increase the price based on these fixtures’ added amenities.
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