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Hurricane Impact Doors & Windows in Miramar, FL

Miramar is a beautiful city with warm, sunny weather and many opportunities for its citizens to connect. However, the warm tropical climate can bring storms or more severe weather, including hurricanes.

To keep your home and family safe, turn to the experts at Wright’s Impact Window and Door. All our products undergo multiple safety tests to ensure they can withstand strong winds and flying debris. Start protecting your home the Wright way today.

Our Products

At Wright’s Impact Window and Door, our experienced team understands the importance of protecting your home. Hurricane impact doors and windows are a smart investment for any Florida home. Whether you live in Miramar full time or only spend a season or two in this beautiful city, you can be confident your home will be safe with hurricane impact doors and windows.

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    Hurricane Doors

    The state of Florida experiences more hurricanes and tropical storms than any other area in the United States, making it essential for homeowners to invest in hurricane impact doors. Investing in a hurricane impact door has many benefits, such as:

    • Improving the safety of your family and possessions.
    • Upgrading the security of your home.
    • Increasing energy efficiency.
    • Boosting your home’s value.

    Impact Windows

    As a Miramar homeowner, you’ve probably gone through the process of hurricane-proofing your home at least once. With impact windows from Wright’s Impact Window and Door, you can keep your home safe without the need to put up and take down hurricane shutters and other hurricane protection devices. Some additional benefits of our impact windows include:

    • Theft prevention: Hurricane impact windows have several layers of glass that make it difficult for an intruder to enter your home.
    • Energy efficiency: By switching out your standard glass and framing for our highly insulated, tightly sealed storm windows, you can increase your home’s energy efficiency and save money.
    • Noise reduction: Impact windows contain layered glass that helps to prevent outside noises from entering your home.
    • Curb appeal: Hurricane impact windows create a clean, unobtrusive look and add protection to boost your home’s curb appeal and overall value.
    • UV protection: Thick, heat-strengthened glass offers UV protection to prevent items in your home from fading or becoming. discolored over time.
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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Hurricane Doors and Windows for Homeowners in Miramar

    Wright’s Impact Window and Door has proudly helped Florida homeowners protect what matters most since 1973. While our company has grown throughout the years, our commitment to providing the highest levels of customer service remains the same. Our team of highly-trained technicians will expertly install high-quality products to ensure your home has the protection it deserves season after season.

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    Investing in hurricane impact doors and windows from Wright’s Impact Window and Door will save you money and provide outstanding protection. To start protecting your home the Wright way, request your free quote or call us at 561-588-7353 today.


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