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North Palm Beach is known for its golf and proximity to the ocean. It’s a great place to vacation and an even better place to live. When you make your home in Florida, you need to be ready to encounter extreme weather, such as hurricanes. Adding the proper protection can keep your family and possessions safe when storms strike. 

Impact-resistant windows and doors can make a difference in your home’s security and durability. These windows and doors are specially made to withstand tough conditions, such as high winds and flying debris. They resist damage and keep your home protected because they rely on the most up-to-date technology. Our windows and doors provide many advantages compared to standard-installation models.

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    The Benefits of Choosing Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

    Hurricanes can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home that doesn’t have extra-strength windows and doors. Wind can rip standard installations right off your house. Flying debris can crack windows and batter doors. Driving rain can seep into even the smallest crack in a door or window. When you upgrade to impact windows and doors, you avoid all the problems that can come with a hurricane. 

    The glass laminate for our doors is made from layers of glass and plastic, which form an almost unbreakable barrier. The impact-resistant material can gain you big savings on your home insurance. Carriers appreciate your efforts to limit your claims, and adding impact-resistant windows to your home will reduce your insurance bill. Other advantages of installing our windows and doors include: 

    • Added home value: By installing high-quality impact windows and doors, you raise your home’s resale value. Buyers will find the upgrade desirable and be willing to pay more for it. 
    • Increased home security: In addition to protecting your things, impact windows and doors will also keep your home safe from intruders with better durability. 
    • Shutter replacement: You can take the hurricane shutters off your home when you buy impact-resistant windows and doors that serve the same purpose. Imagine no longer having to go around and close all the shutters before a big storm hits — this offers added convenience.
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    Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

    Why Pick Wright’s Impact Window & Door? 

    You need hurricane window installers you can trust. You need a company that cares about providing premium service and products from the best manufacturers to keep your home and family safe. You need Wright’s Impact Window & Door. 

    For decades, we have been South Florida’s No. 1 choice for impact window and door installations. We offer outstanding service paired with quality products that can transform your home. Let our team install the solutions you need to gain peace of mind during inclement weather. 

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    If you live in North Palm Beach, FL, what are you waiting for? Get the protection you deserve for your home with our windows and doors. Get in touch to schedule a free estimate, or call us at 561–588–7353 with your questions. 


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