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Pembroke Pines Impact Windows and Doors

When you see a forecast for a tropical storm or hurricane in Pembroke Pines, where does your mind go? If you start to worry about your family’s safety, it may be time to equip your home with impact windows and doors. These additions are designed to withstand severe winds and take heavy damage, giving you the faith you need in the integrity of your home. 

At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we provide top-of-the-line products installed by some of the best technicians in the area. Don’t wait until that nervous feeling sets in — start your impact-resistant window or door installation in Pembroke Pines, Florida, today. 

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Enhance Your Home's Value With Impact Windows and Doors

There are many reasons homeowners decide to install impact windows and doors. Aside from their increased strength and capability to withstand hurricanes, these additions come with valuable benefits, including: 

  • Shatter-resistance: With layered plastic and glass bonded together, our impact-resistant windows and doors offer increased durability to resist shattering from large objects, flying debris and winds up to 200 mph. 
  • Sound insulation: The thick design of impact-resistant windows and doors reduces the amount of noise that can pass through.
  • Cost savings: Whether you experience discounts on your insurance rates or reduced cooling bills during warmer months, installing these windows and doors offers many ways to cut spending costs. 
  • Theft protection: Equipped with steel frames and heat-strengthened glass, hurricane-resistant windows and doors provide increased security against potential break-ins.

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Get Impact Windows & Doors For As Little As $50 Per Month

Enjoy Wright’s Impact Window & Door Quality Service

At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we have used our vast knowledge and experience to grow into a business that puts the needs of our customers first. Through our full-scale services, skilled technicians and thorough materials testing, you can count on us to give you what you need for your home. 

When you’re looking to install impact doors or windows in Pembroke Pines, our services will provide you with benefits such as: 

  • Qualified professionals: Our technicians go through comprehensive training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to get the job done right the first time. 
  • Beneficial payment solutions: We understand how important your safety is, so we offer financing options through PACE to get you the protection you need no matter your financial situation. 
  • Locally-sourced materials: Many of our products are made by the best manufacturers in Florida, so partnering with us means supporting local businesses.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: Our team backs our services 100%, ensuring that your happiness is our main priority. We also provide comprehensive guarantees, such as our Lifetime Guarantee or Home Free/Money Back Guarantee. 

Start Protecting Your Home With the Help of Our Technicians Today 

When you’re looking to install impact windows and doors in Pembroke Pines, there’s only one way to protect your home — the Wright way! Our technicians are passionate about their work and can’t wait to help you equip your home with the defenses it needs. 

To start the process, contact our team members, who can provide you with a detailed and no-obligation estimate today! 


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