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Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors in Vero Beach, Florida

When you live in Florida, hurricane season is simply a part of life. And every year, when it comes around, you want to feel confident your home is the safest place you can be when inclement weather hits.

Wright’s Impact Window & Door wants to protect your property through hurricane season and beyond with our impressive selection of impact windows and doors available in Vero Beach. We work with the best manufacturers in the country to provide you with high-quality solutions that secure your home and prevent lasting damage, and we have options ready to withstand rain, debris and wind traveling up to 200 miles per hour.


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    Protect Your Home Year-Round

    Aside from hurricanes, you experience a range of weather every year in Florida. Thunderstorms, heat waves and high winds can affect your life regularly and have you staying inside to stay dry and protected. However, a house is only as strong as its weakest points, and those are often entries and exits — the windows and doors in your Vero Beach home.

    The glass and other materials we use for our products are Miami-Dade-rated to ensure the greatest possible safety. As glass can pose a particular threat during storms, impact glass is treated with extra care to withstand harsh circumstances. Our glass is heat strengthened and treated with clear layers of plastic to keep it from shattering when hit with debris or put under pressure.

    Although our impact products are designed with inclement weather in mind, they also serve as enhanced protection against other home concerns, like break-ins. Burglars target windows and doors when attempting to get in your home, but Wright’s Impact products are sure to put up a hurricane-rated fight to keep your home, family and belongings safe.

    Installations Done the Wright Way

    Wright’s Impact Window & Door has served Vero Beach and the surrounding areas for decades, combining our experience with durable materials for results that:

    • Save money: Our selection provides stronger and thicker doors and windows than you’ve ever experienced. They keep the weather out — including 99% of UV light — and they regulate temperatures inside. If you want to save money on your energy bills, investing in door and window replacements is one of the best ways to do so.
    • Improve home value: As with most home upgrades, new windows or doors can enhance your home’s aesthetic, boosting its value and curb appeal. Whether you’re planning on selling or just want your home to look its best, now is the time to upgrade your look.
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    Coastal Florida is a beautiful place to call home, full of elegant beaches, decadent golf courses and warm sunshine. Make sure you can always appreciate it in full by protecting your Vero Beach home with impact-resistant doors and windows

    The expert installers at Wright’s Impact Window & Door know our varied selection and how to make your home feel safer and more valuable. We’re committed to making you feel secure and comfortable in your home at all times. Connect with us today to get your free estimate and schedule your in-home inspection.


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