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Weston, FL Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Owning a home in Weston, Florida, gives you front-row seats to beaches, arts, golfing and everything Miami and the greater South Florida area can offer. However, you may often find yourself met with inclement weather conditions that send you and your family home to wait out the storm. When those times hit, you want to know your home will protect you and your belongings so you can enjoy another sunny Florida day as soon as the weather abates.

Your home deserves the best protection available, and Wright’s Impact Window & Door is ready to oblige. Our team has decades of experience in serving South Florida homes like yours, and our collection of durable impact doors and windows for the Weston area is sure to hold something that will enhance your home’s safety and appearance at the same time. Explore our gallery today and see why there’s only one choice for safeguarding your home. 

    Wrights client home with hurricane windows in Naples

    Prepare and Protect Your Property

    Wright’s Impact Window & Door works with local suppliers of Miami-Dade-rated materials to bring you the best weather-resistant home products. Our windows are tested to resist wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour thanks to our dedication to safer glass. The glass within our doors and windows is heat-strengthened and reinforced with layers of plastic-like materials to prevent shattering even when debris or pressure cause it to break. 

    Whatever comes your way, these impact windows and doors will defend your Weston home.

    Storm Security

    Our specialty impact-resistant products provide benefits all around, with storm security being their most notable feature. Aside from hurricane season, you also have everyday thunderstorms to think about, which can bring heavy winds and debris your way at any time. When you have family, children, pets and valuables to think about, every bit of protection matters, and our thick, durable offerings provide more than the competition.

    Save Money

    Impact windows and doors keep as much inside as they do out. Our products keep 99% of harmful UV rays from overheating your home and damaging furniture and unfinished wood surfaces. Furthermore, they’ll help prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home when you’re trying to stay comfortable during the hottest days of summer and darkest times of winter. You’ll notice the change in your energy bill almost immediately!

    Enhance Your Home

    Improving your home’s aesthetic and security is the perfect way to increase your property’s value and grow your curb appeal. Our doors and windows also muffle sound, providing you with a quieter, more private residence.

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    You and your home deserve it all — safety, beauty and peace of mind. Wright’s Impact Window & Door will provide you with everything you need to keep your house secure for as long as it’s yours. With the best suppliers and manufacturers located right here in Florida, improving your home to the best it can be is easier than ever.

    Connect with the Weston impact window professionals today by requesting your free estimate. We’ll start your door or window installation project as soon as possible, ensuring your home is ready to handle the elements with ease. 


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