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Hurricane Impact Windows Broward, Florida

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Are you thinking about getting impact windows in Broward County, Florida? Wrights Impact Window and Door is here to help. We can replace windows throughout Florida, including Broward County, and provide you with the hurricane-resistant impact windows that you need to keep your home protected.

Are you interested in getting started? Contact us now for a free estimate. Whether you’re in Coconut Creek, Coral Springs, Deerfield Beach, Fort Lauderdale, or anywhere else in Broward County, we’re here to help you get the replacement windows you need.

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    Protect Yourself From Hurricanes In Broward County – The Latest Statistics 

    Broward County and its major cities, such as Fort Lauderdale, are often hit by major hurricanes, as well as lower-speed tropical storms. Around 20% of all storms that make landfall in Broward County are considered to be hurricanes, while about 80% of storms considered to be tropical storms.

    About thirty significant hurricanes have affected Broward County in the last century. Broward County experiences a major hurricane about every 5.37 years, with average winds coming in at 106 mph. These wind speeds are enough to cause severe property damage to structures that are not protected by impact windows, doors, and other such hurricane-proof products and building techniques.

    While Broward County manages to avoid the level of hurricane damage often experienced by cities further down the coast, hurricanes can still cause significant damage to the area. Hurricane Katrina struck with 80 mph winds in 2005 and caused considerable flooding.

    Later in 2005, Hurricane Wilma hit Broward County near Hollywood at wind speeds of 105 mph, causing severe property damage to more than 5,000 homes in the area and destroying the Broward County Courthouse. Overall, it generated more than $20 billion in costs and 35 deaths in Florida.

    Hurricanes throughout the world seem to be getting stronger and are statistically lasting longer. It’s only a matter of time before Broward County is affected by another powerful Category 4 or Category 5 hurricane – which could have devastating results for homeowners who are not prepared and have not taken steps to hurricane-proof their homes.

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    How Do Hurricane Impact Windows And Doors Work?

    How do hurricane impact windows and doors work to protect homeowners in Broward County? Contrary to popular belief, hurricane impact windows and doors are not entirely immune to breakage, although they are much stronger than regular windows. They can still break when subjected to an impact – like a heavy branch smashing into the window.

    The difference is in the plastic coatings used on the glass. Most hurricane windows are treated with a layer of plastic-like ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB). This plastic keeps the window from completely shattering. While the glass itself may still break in some areas, it will be held in the pane. It won’t fall out or fly away, and the window or door won’t “blow out” due to high winds.

    So impact windows help protect you and your property in a few ways. First, it helps prevent glass and other debris from entering your home. It also keeps rain from entering your home, where it can cause costly water damage. Finally, hurricane impact windows and doors help protect the structure of your home.

    Most home destruction due to hurricanes happens when all of the windows and doors “blow out” completely. Then, the high-pressure wind entering the home blows off the roof and causes the walls to collapse. Hurricane impact windows and doors in Broward prevent this by keeping the wind out of your home.

    Further still, additional products like screens and storm shutters can enhance safety even more, ensuring that your home is completely protected from hurricane damage.

    The Benefits Of Hurricane Impact Windows And Impact Doors In Broward County

    Hurricane impact windows and doors help protect your home from damage during a hurricane – but they have a number of other benefits, too. Here is a shortlist of the most significant benefits of investing in hurricane impact windows and doors in Broward County.

    • Resists shattering – Hurricane impact windows and doors won’t shatter and leave dangerous debris, even when hit by large, heavy objects. This keeps your family and your property safe and protected in the ‘pocket.’ 
    • Can survive winds of 200 mph or higher – Most hurricane-rated impact windows and doors can withstand winds of over 200 mph without shattering, which keeps your property safe from damage from blowouts.
    • Provides better sound insulation – The thicker design of hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors can help provide better sound insulation, which can be very valuable if you have noisy neighbors or live nearby a large road with constant traffic.
    • Protects from UV rays – The glass used in impact windows and impact doors provides more UV protection than standard window glass. The UV radiation can damage things like furniture and carpeting, bleaching the color away, so this helps protect your home and your belongings from UV damage.
    • Adds value to your home – A new set of hurricane windows and doors can add value to your home for new buyers, due to the benefits such as UV protection, hurricane protection, and the aesthetic cost of replacing old or worn-down doors and windows. This makes it easier to sell your home if you move, and may help you get more for your property!
    • Reduces homeowners’ insurance rates – Homes in Florida with impact windows and doors will be much cheaper to insure, so you can get the protection you need from hurricanes for less. This means that, over time, your hurricane windows and doors will actually help pay for themselves!
    • Better protection from burglars and criminals – Impact windows are nearly impossible to break through for criminals, and the strong steel or aluminum frames used to build the windows means they can’t be easily removed, providing you with more protection from thieves and criminals.
    • Available in every size and shape – From bay windows and sliding windows to French doors, sliding doors, and much more, Wrights Impact Window and Door can provide you with a custom-built set of hurricane impact windows and doors that are perfect for your home
    • For these reasons and quite a few more, it’s a great idea to replace your windows in Hollywood, Miramar, Parkland or Pembroke Pines with high-quality impact windows in Broward from Wrights Impact Window And Door – so learn more at our website now, or inquire today for a free consultation.

    We Serve All Of Broward County With High-Quality Hurricane Impact Windows And Doors

    At Wrights Impact Window And Door, we’re proud to offer the best Impact windows in Broward. If you need window replacement with hurricane-proof, impact-resistant windows in Plantation, Pompano Beach, or Cooper City, we’re here to help

    We serve all of Broward County with our hurricane impact windows and impact doors, and you can trust us to deliver stellar service at a low cost. Whether you’re in a bigger city in Broward County, such as Deerfield Beach, or a smaller town like Hallandale Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, Lauderhill, or Margate, we’re always here to help.

    Our team has decades of combined experience with window replacement in Tamarac, Sunrise, Oakdale Park and Wilton Manors – so wherever you are in Broward County or Florida, you can trust us to deliver top-notch products at reasonable rates!

    If you need more proof, please take a look at our gallery of past projects in Weston, West Park, North Lauderdale, and Lighthouse Point now. You can see our handiwork for yourself, and decide if Wrights Impact Window and Door is the right choice to replace your windows in Broward County, Florida.

    Why Choose Wrights Impact Window And Door For Window Replacement In Broward County? 

    Why should you choose us instead of “the other guys” to replace windows in Broward County with hurricane-resistant doors and windows? Here are just a few of the things that set us apart from the competition.

    • Free quotes for every project – We’re always happy to give you a free quote for your project. Contact us with some details about your home and we can give you a quote over the phone, or we can schedule a time when we can visit your property, and provide you with an in-person estimate. There’s never any pressure to buy. If you don’t like our rates or think you can’t afford to invest in hurricane impact windows and doors, send us on our way – and let us know if you change your mind!
    • Is PACE financing available – Don’t think that you can afford new hurricane impact doors and windows in Broward? Think again! We work with some of the best PACE lenders in Florida, so we can finance your project for anywhere from 5-25 years. Most of our customers can get brand-new doors and windows for less than $50/month. Don’t let your budget stop you from protecting your property. With the money you’ll save on home insurance plus PACE financing, it’s never been easier to invest in hurricane-proofing your home.
    • Dozens of unique door and window designs – We can install just about any window or door and have a huge selection of designs that can match just about any home – even if you have windows or doors with custom dimensions. We’ll always be able to find the windows and doors that will look great – and keep your home protected!
    • 1-Year Worry-Free Guarantee – If anything goes wrong with your windows and doors during the first year of ownership, we’ll make it right – guaranteed. If we can’t fix it within three attempts, you’ll get 10% of your purchase price back. If we can’t fix it within four visits, you’ll get 20% of your purchase price back – and if we have to visit five times, you’ll get a full refund for the item(s) that needs to be replaced. It’s just that simple – so you can rest assured, knowing that we stand behind our work 100%!
    • Lifetime Guarantee – We offer a lifetime part, product, and quality guarantee – and we also provide an intruder protection guarantee, lifetime glass breakage & screen guarantee, and a repair guarantee. We pride ourselves on having the best guarantees in the business – to learn more about each one of these guarantees and how it can benefit you, please contact Wrights Impact Window And Door right away.
    • Decades of combined installation experience – Our company dates back to 1973, and our highly-trained personnel is experts when it comes to installing windows and doors. We always get things done right the first time – and with our customer-first attitude, we’ll keep you informed throughout the entire installation process. Our respectful, professional technicians will get the job done fast – and respect your home and your property. We keep dust and dirt off of your property, and even do our best to protect your lawn, plants, and trees – our goal is to minimize our impact on your property and maximize your customer satisfaction!

    Whether you need to replace a few doors and windows – or you want to overhaul your entire home – we’re always here to help in Broward County, and you can trust Wrights Impact Window And Door to get the job done right!

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    If you’re thinking about investing in hurricane-resistant impact windows and doors anywhere in Broward County, Florida, Wrights Impact Window And Door is the best place. So don’t wait. If you’re ready to get started, we recommend that you contact us for a free consultation right away.

    During your consultation, we’ll discuss the details about your project, help you understand our different options for hurricane-resistant windows and doors, provide you with pricing, and discuss your financing options. Afterward, you’ll have all of the information you need to know to make your decision. So don’t wait. Give us a call now at 844-890-2108 or request an estimate online to get started with Wrights Impact Window And Door.

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