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Hurricane Impact Double Hung Windows

Wright’s Impact Window & Door installs impact double-hung windows in South Florida. Our double-hung windows provide flexibility in their operation and sturdiness in their structure. We install windows quickly and offer friendly customer service at every phase, so request a quote to get started. 

Install Double-Hung Windows 

South Florida is a beautiful place to live, but the heat and hurricanes present a few unique challenges. From sticky, sweaty nights to the risk of costly storm damage, homeowners find plenty of reasons to sure up their homes’ entryways. Double-hung windows are popular in Florida homes. A double-hung window features two operable panes so that you can open them at the bottom, top or both. 

At Wright’s Impact Window & Door, we offer a unique type of double-hung windows for Florida’s stormy seasons. Our impact double-hung windows feature sturdy laminated glass that withstands force without cracking. The lamination prevents the window from shattering from impacts at speeds up to 140 miles per hour. Wright’s Impact Window & Door is among the top installers in the region, so work with us to install impact double-hung windows. 

Advantages of Impact Double-Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows offer many advantages from their design alone. Having two movable windowpanes will allow give you greater control over your home’s airflow during hot summer days. Cool air will enter through the bottom while warm air rises and escapes through the top. You’ll experience even more advantages when you choose our impact double-hung windows: 

  • Prevent environmental damage: South Florida experiences dozens of storms each year. The glass in impact double hung windows will resist damage if strong winds send debris toward your home. 
  • Prevent intrusion: Stopping intruders is easy work for windows capable of withstanding hurricanes.  
  • Improve energy efficiency: Impact windows form a tight seal to keep out Florida’s sweltering heat. Your home’s air conditioning system will use less energy to cool the inside, reducing your energy bill. 
  • Access lower insurance rates: Insurance companies recognize the value that impact windows offer during storms and attempted intrusions. You may become eligible for a lower insurance rate after installing our products. 
  • Command higher offers: Your impact windows will become a unique selling point when you put your home on the market. Many buyers will offer more for a Florida home with sturdy windows. 
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Request A Free Estimate For Hurricane Impact Windows

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Fast Installation From Local Experts 

With Wright’s Impact Window & Door, installing new windows is fast and simple. 

We’ll provide a transparent price estimate at the start of the process, then help you decide if our impact double-hung windows are right for your home. Once you decide, we’ll schedule an installation date. Our technicians will arrive on time and do their jobs with minimal disruption to your home.

At the end of the day, you’ll have beautiful new windows that prepare your home for Florida’s weather. You can check out our gallery for examples of our past work.

Request a Free Estimate 

Installing impact double-hung windows is an excellent decision for any homeowner in South Florida. The friendly experts at Wright’s Impact Window & Door are here to help, so request a quote to receive a free price estimate. 

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