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Why Hurricane Protection Is More Important Than Ever In Florida

April 17, 2020

Florida hurricanes by satellite image

Hurricane protection is essential in Florida.

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes root in the United States with cases projected to peak across the country in the next few weeks, it’s easy to forget that life exists beyond this outbreak.

It’s important to remember, as unnerving as these uncertain moments are, the world will keep on turning, and the sun will rise tomorrow. That means that it’s still important to prepare for the future as you guard yourself against this immediate danger and future risks.

How Stay-At-Home Impacts Hurricane Preparation.

As every Florida resident knows, hurricane season begins on June 1st and lasts through November. Spring is traditionally a season spent in preparation for those storms. In essence, Florida homeowners start making arrangements to protect their property and loved ones, and make plans should they need to evacuate due to an especially brutal hurricane.

Naturally, those preparations are complicated in 2020. Governor DeSantis recently issued a stay-at-home order lasting through the end of April for the entire state following a previously-held county by county approach, except for essential services. The order may be extended into May, June, or July.

Nearly 27% of Florida’s population is over the age of 60; given that COVID-19 disproportionately impacts older adults, there’s no question that preventative measures like the statewide stay-at-home order are essential for keeping residents safe. Still, the order has created some confusion surrounding what preparation measures for hurricane season are permissible.

Construction operations, including hurricane protection, are currently considered essential services in Florida; essential services are allowed to function normally under the stay-at-home order. This means that at Wright’s Impact Window and Door, we’re able to continue preparing our customers for the upcoming summer’s storms despite the current chaos brewing.

Our customers may be stuck at home, but we’re not. This could be the perfect time to address some of those household updates that have been put on the backburner over and over again.

Why Preparing Now Will Pay Off Later.

As if 2020 hasn’t already thrown enough havoc in everyone’s way, this year’s hurricane season is projected to hit with above-average intensity. This means that, in all likelihood, at least one major hurricane will severely impact Florida in the coming months.

Forecasters predict a 69% chance that at least one major hurricane will make landfall on U.S. shores during the 2020 season.

South Florida is an idyllic place to live in general, but a dangerous place to call home during a particularly tumultuous hurricane season like the one that lies ahead this year. From West Palm Beach down to the Florida Keys, households will be vulnerable to the potentially devastating storms that lie ahead—unless those homes are reinforced now.

There are a few options for Floridians when a major hurricane pops up in the forecast: they can evacuate, or they can shelter in place. Assuming that the COVID-19 pandemic has sufficiently calmed down by June to allow for travel if evacuation becomes necessary, homes will still need proper hurricane protection to survive the impact.

On the other hand, if the virus is still raging on when the first big storm rolls in, residents in Miami may not even be allowed to travel as far as Palm Beach County to seek refuge. Also, if they are allowed to travel, hotels may not be open. So, what alternative does that leave? None but to make sure that the home is as safe and stable as possible before hurricane season begins.

The world has dealt with enough chaos already this year to last a few decades; there’s no reason to weather through a particularly rough hurricane season without the assurance of strong impact windows when Wright’s is still functioning as usual.

Is It Safe to Have Windows Installed Right Now?

As social distancing measures and CDC guidelines grow stricter, many people are wondering whether it’s even safe to allow a team into their home to update their hurricane windows. Allow us to put those concerns to rest: we are taking every precaution to protect the health and safety of our clients and our employees.

Read more about Wrights COVID-19 precautions here.

Our installation team has undertaken similar measures, and we have distributed personal protective equipment to all field personnel. Best of all, new windows and doors can be installed in as little as one day.

When a disaster like COVID-19 strikes, it feels all-encompassing. Right now, all that the world can think about is this virus, because it requires all hands on deck. In just six months, things may look materially different—coronavirus may be just a blip in the rearview mirror, and hurricane season will likely be furnishing real and present danger.

Experts are already warning that this year could be especially damaging in the way of storms. When the time comes, make sure that you’re prepared for the 2020 hurricane season; contact us today to update your impact windows and doors, so your home and family are protected.

Impact windows and doors protect your home from storms and hurricanes.

Impact-resistant windows and impact resistant doors are a solid way of having peace of mind from storms and hurricanes in Florida.

There are also many other great reasons why you should install impact windows such as energy efficiency, increased security, increased equity in your home and lower insurance.



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