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Wind-borne debris region, what is it?

March 12, 2022

Wind-borne debris region

There are areas of Florida that are designated as wind-borne debris regions by the Florida Building Code. These areas are not just along the coastline but also include inland areas, located within one mile of the coastal mean high water line (where the wind speed is 130 mph or greater) or any location where the wind speed is 140 mph or greater.

wind borne debris

What does it mean for me and my property?

If your home or property is found within these designated areas, it is required by the Florida Building Code to have some means of protection. This protection includes impact-resistant windows, doors, or shutters that have received approval by the state. If your property is located in Miami-Dade, Broward, or Monroe counties, it is considered to be in an HVHZ (High-Velocity Hurricane Zone), so the property must adhere to even stricter codes and receive a Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance (NOA). Miami-Dade’s rules of acceptance are the highest in the United States and considered the benchmark. Obtaining a Miami-Dade NOA is considered the highest standard for impact-resistant products.

What can you do?

The first thing to do once you have concluded that you live in one of these regions is to contact us for a no obligation quotation. We will come to your home, advise, measure and tell you what your requirements are. We help you from start to finish, Wrights Impact Window and Door sell and install the highest quality products, all installed the Wrights way.



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