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Are your pets prepared for July 4th?

July 2, 2023

Although the Fourth of July is a great day of celebration and fun, many pets, especially dogs can have such a negative reaction to some of the activities associated with the Fourth of July. There are ways of protecting them by turning up your TV and keeping them distracted. But you may be overlooking another great way to solve the issue.

Overlooked benefits of impact windows & doors

An often overlooked benefit is protecting your beloved pets from being terrified of fireworks and external noises throughout the year. With July 4th celebrations looming, it can be a very worrying time for pet owners, particularly dog owners. If you don’t own a pet, it is just a great day of celebration and potentially a day off work. But for those with a pet that is frightened of loud noises, it can be torture to watch them hide and suffer every year, and in some cases, dogs even run away!

Unwanted noise an increasing issue?

With more and more people moving to Florida, and an increase in the number of cars on the road, unwanted noises are making a more significant appearance in our lives and homes. We have all had the issue of a leaf blower outside our window in the morning or a noisy neighbor. Impact Windows & Doors offer significant noise reduction, and it is one of the main benefits that we discuss with our customers.

Is there a solution?

One solution comes in the form of noise-reducing impact windows. The process is not as technical as it sounds – the multiple thickened/strengthened layers of glass used in impact windows, better sealants, and frames will also keep unwanted nuisance sounds at bay. Oh, and don’t forget, although they are primarily used for hurricane protection, impact windows & doors add an extra layer of security to your home, and can even increase the value of your property!

The daily sounds we hear in our homes are not classed as noise, in fact for a sound to be considered noise it must be “loud, irritating and unwanted”. As you can imagine, the constant bombardment of noise can not only become very, very annoying but can genuinely begin to affect the quality of life.

Which sound-reducing option is best for you?

We have many options for impact windows and doors that have many benefits. We offer FREE estimates and there is no obligation. Prices of impact-rated products have lowered over recent years so it may be more affordable than you think, with great finance options.


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Jason Southard
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