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Hurricane Impact Arch Windows

Hurricane Impact Arch Windows Protect Your Florida Home with Style

If you prefer an elegant, timeless look to your windows while maintaining safety, consider installing hurricane impact arch windows in your home. Arch windows are popular, with a semicircular arch at the top coming down into a traditional square bottom. These classic windows are often placed as a focal point in any room. 

However, with such a large surface area, arch windows can easily break or crack from extreme weather conditions or break-ins. Now, you can enhance your home’s safety with hurricane impact arch windows from Wright’s Impact Window & Door.

Who Needs Hurricane Impact Windows?

Living on the coast requires different home safety precautions than in landlocked states, such as installing hurricane-proof windows and doors by a certain year. Homeowners are now opting for this added protection as tropical storms and hurricanes are becoming more frequent.

Additionally, hurricane impact windows can protect you from more than just weather — their robust and multilayer structure stands up to home break-ins. If you live in an area where burglaries have happened in the past, rest assured knowing impact windows resist blunt force, only cracking and not shattering.

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Benefits of Impact Arch Windows

Installing impact arch windows comes with several benefits for your home. Here are some of the most desired advantages fellow Floridians have enjoyed. 

Severe Weather Protection

While we have mentioned this several times, the most crucial benefit of hurricane impact arch windows is exactly as their name suggests — they protect your home from the harsh winds and rains of hurricanes. These impact-resistant windows are made with a strong polymer layer between the glass panes, reinforced by sturdy hurricane window frames. While some glass can break, the laminated layer holds the glass in place, reducing overall damage.

More Natural Light

The design of arched windows allows much more natural light to flood in. Even with more light, the multilayer structure of the hurricane-impact glass protects you from harmful UV rays. This way, you can enjoy more sunshine without damaging your window treatments, flooring, furniture and skin.

Energy Efficient

These strong windows are enhanced with two or three panes of glass, helping your home with energy efficiency. If impact windows can keep out powerful winds, debris and rain from hurricanes, they can maintain heating and cooling indoors. These windows are tightly sealed and can help you save money on energy costs.

Noise Reduction

Limit outdoor noise distractions — including dog barks, traffic honks and lawn mower hums — with impact arch windows. Instead, enjoy quiet solace indoors.

Increased Home Value

Homes in hurricane-prone areas will increase in value to potential buyers with the installation of impact windows. Plus, arched windows provide a beautiful aesthetic detail.

Impact Arch Windows From Wright’s Impact Window & Door

If you live in South Florida, you already know the prevalence of hurricanes in the area. You can take a step toward better protection with impact arch windows from Wright’s Impact Window & Door. 

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